Radioactive Materials or Equipment Generating Radiation - Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation includes alpha rays, beta rays, gamma rays, x-rays, neutrons, high-speed electrons, high-speed protons, and other atomic particles.

Only competent persons, specially trained in the proper and safe operation of such equipment, must perform any activity which involves the use of radioactive materials or equipment generating radioactivity (e.g., x-ray machines). When using such licensed material or equipment, only persons actually licensed, or certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or an agreement state, are to perform such work.

BEFORE DOING ANY WORK AT CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY WITH IONIZING RADIATION, SUBMIT A WORK PLAN to the Environmental Health & Safety department for review by the Radiation Safety Officer.

The work plan must include:

  1. A description of the work and operating/emergency procedures
  2. The location(s) where work will be conducted
  3. The source strength and/or equipment to be used
  4. The latest license and calibration certification
  5. A list and description of steps to be taken to protect personnel and property from exposure
  6. Any leak test results (where applicable)
  7. Descriptions of barricades, signs, warnings, to be used.



10 CFR Part 20.