Confined Spaces

Contractor entry of a permit-required confined space is to be performed under the Contractor's own Confined Space Program. Prior to work in a permit-required confined space, provide a copy of the written confined space program to the appropriate University representative for review, such as the Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC) project manager or Facilities Maintenance & Operations (FMO) director. The FPC and/or FMO representative shall forward any received plans to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) for full review prior to work. Include copies of appropriate training certifications as necessary.

Known permit-required spaces are labeled as such by EHS and include, but are not limited to, the following examples: select laboratory and mechanical equipment, select crawlspaces, and select steam and sewer systems. Confined space entries must be coordinated with EHS to ensure full communication of known hazards to entrants. For spaces where potential hazards have not yet been evaluated, EHS will assist with determining whether the space may be permit-required.

When entering permit-required confined spaces, work must be performed in accordance with the OSHA permit-required confined space standard (1910.146) and shall include the following:

  1. controlled entry with a permit program;
  2. use of trained and qualified supervisors, attendants, and entrants;
  3. supply and use of necessary monitoring and safety protective equipment;
  4. provisions for rescue if it becomes necessary.

Contractors and their employees will not be allowed entry to a permit-required confined space until these provisions have been satisfied, unless in cases where permit-required spaces may be safely reclassified as non-permit-required via use of adequate ventilation, control of hazardous energy (lockout./tagout), etc. In cases where permit-required spaces can be reclassified prior to entry, such reclassification procedures are to be submitted to Catholic for prior review.

Upon completion of any permit-required space entry, provide copies of all permits generated to the appropriate University representative, generally the FPC project manager, the FMO director or EHS staff overseeing the respective project. 



29 CFR 1910.146;

29 CFR 1910.269(e).