Mission and Purpose

The Capital Project Management Department is committed to the delivery of professional quality support services, further enabling the University to pursue scholarship, research, and teaching.

The Capital Project Management Department works with the University community to oversee building projects from inception through completion with responsibilities that include planning, programming, budgeting, and scheduling for the construction of new buildings as well as improvements to existing facilities. 


  • Renovation and New Construction Planning

  • Major Project Management

  • Facilities Design Work

  • Campus Master Plan

  • Capital Improvement Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Facility Records Management

  • Alterations - The rearrangement or conversion of internal space within an existing facility.

  • Improvements - The addition of quality features to an existing space by upgrading mechanical, electrical and technological systems or architectural finishes.

  • New Construction - The erection of a new facility or addition/expansion of an existing facility.

  • Renovations - The total or partial upgrade of a facility to higher standards of quality and efficiency.

  • Space Allocations - FPC works with requests for changes in space allocations after they are first handled and approved within a department.