Facilities staff and contractors continue to advance design and construction projects across campus.  Mission critical maintenance and capital projects are always active; and those reviewing and overseeing them include project management staff in Capital Project Management (CPM), as well as subject matter experts in Planning and Design Management (PDM), Facilities Maintenence and Operations (FMO), Office of Campus Sustainability, and Environmental Health and Safety / Risk Management (EHS/RM).

Some highlights of our on-going work are shown below.

Construction site for Nursing
  • Rendering of dining hall

    New Dining Commons

    The new, two-story Dining Commons (approximately 36,540 gross square feet) will provide food service and seating for 500 as well as a new home for the Center for Academic and Career Success.  The exterior facade is nearly complete as stone installation is has progressed around the perimeter.  On the interior,  mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other systems are being installed ahead of drywall installation on both levels. Temporary fencing, walkways, and signage continue to direct the campus community safely around the construction site.  Real-time progress can be seen in the webcam view above.

    Design Team:  Perkins Eastman Architects

    Contractor:  Manhattan Construction

  • Rendering of new Conway School of Nursing and Campus Gateway

    Conway School of Nursing and Campus Gateway at Michigan Avenue

    The new Conway School of Nursing building will replace and expand the school's current footprint in a new, collegiate gothic style facility of over 100,000 gross square feet. This allows the school to double its enrollment over the next 5 to 7 years.  The Construction Document phase of the project is complete and the project is in for permitting.  The new facility, which targets sustainability goals of LEED-Gold and a Well Building Standard certification, is expected to open in 2024.  In conjunction with Conway School of Nursing, a new Campus Gateway and fountain will revitalize the University's main entrance at Michigan Avenue and University Drive.

    A webcam is coming soon.  Please watch for University announcements that describe the road closure impacts on getting around campus.  Construction fencing is in place and signage directs pedestrians to safe pathways around the project.

    Excavation of the site is currently underway.


    Design Team:  Ayers Saint Gross and Robert A.M. Stern Associates

    Contractor:  Clark Construction Group

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    Hartke Fire/Life Safety and HVAC Upgrades

    Fire/life safety and HVAC upgrades are progressing in Hartke.  The work was phased throughout various zones in the building and includes installation of sprinkler piping and an addressable fire alarm system as well as new HVAC equipment that is tied into the University’s heating and cooling distribution system from the Power Plant.  The project team began this work in Harkte immediately following the completion of similar upgrades in Ward Hall in Summer 2021.

    Design Team:  WHS Architects

    Contractor:  Consigli Construction

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    McMahon Hall Fire/Life Safety Upgrades

    Fire/life safety and interior space upgrades are progressing in McMahon Hall.  The work was phased throughout various zones in the building and includes installation of sprinkler piping and an addressable fire alarm system.  Construction of a new interior egress stair at the east end of the building is currently underway and will allow for the removal of exterior fire escapes.  Fire/life safety work is expected to finish up in Summer 2022.

    Design Team:  Maginniss + Del Ninno Architects

    Contractor:  Balfour Beatty Construction

  • Construction on campus

    New Residence Hall

    In response to COVID-19 impacts, the University took steps to ensure the ongoing viability of Catholic University. Such measures included the deferral or postponement of some capital projects.  Work on the new Residence Hall was suspended in 2020 at the completion of the Design Development phase.  The University did, however, receive approval from the Zoning Commission for the project, allowing for an efficient resumption of the design work when the time comes.

    Design Team:  Perkins Eastman Architects

    Contractor:  Manhattan Construction

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    Angels Unawares Plaza

    A second casting of the Angels Unawares sculpture was donated to the University in 2020.  The first casting is in St. Peter's Square in Rome, Italy.  The 3.5 ton sculpture depicts more than 140 refugees tightly packed onto a 20-foot skiff; and, in the center, a pair of angel wings rises from the crowd.  The permanent setting for the sculpture is a rectangular water scrim surrounded by a new plaza with seating, plantings, and lighting.  Construction began in Summer 2021 and was substantially complete in early Spring 2022.  The plaza dedication date is April 22, 2022.

    Sculpture Artist:  Timothy Schmaltz

    Plaza Design Team:  Ayers Saint Gross and Michael Vergason Landscape Architects

    Construction:  Whiting-Turner

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    West Campus Solar Project

    The West Campus Solar Project will generate approximately 10,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually.  Engineering is underway for two solar arrays, comprised of over 15,000 panels, that will be installed on approximately 25 acres of the University's 41.4 West Campus.  Site preparation will begin this Spring.  Construction will start in Summer 2022 and the installation is expected to be operational in Spring 2023.  

    Development Team:  Optony, Inc. and Jenner & Block, LLP 

    Builder/Operator:  Standard Solar