General Requirements

This guide is issued to all contractors and persons performing work on facilities or property at The Catholic University of America. Its purpose is to highlight safety requirements in certain areas of work. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor deal with all situations that may be encountered.

It is the contractor's responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, conduct work in an environmentally sound manner, and provide for the protection of others who may come near the work activity. The contractor must follow all federal and District of Columbia laws, regulations and Catholic University requirements. In case of uncertainty, the contractor must discuss the situation with the Catholic University project manager prior to proceeding with the work. Regulatory references are available for review at the Department of Environmental Health & Safety [(202) 319-5121].

To protect workers and pedestrians, contractors are responsible for installing barricades to delineate the boundaries of work areas. Signs must be posted to warn people of dangers and to identify protective equipment required while in the work zone.

Contractors must certify that their employees have been trained in all regulatory requirements pertaining to the work to be performed. Employees must wear personal protective equipment whenever job hazards warrant it or whenever Catholic University has determined that it is required due to the hazards in the work area (e.g., safety goggles in a lab or hearing protection in a mechanical room). The contractor must instruct employees to promptly report all injuries and unsafe conditions to their supervisors. Report serious injuries to the Department of Public Safety on (202) 319-5111.

In accordance with the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) Title 20, Section 900, contractors on university property must not idle the engine of a gasoline or diesel powered motor vehicle, for more than (3) minutes while the motor vehicle is parked, stopped or standing, except as follows:

(a) To operate private non-commercial passenger vehicles;

(b) To operate power takeoff equipment, including dumping, cement mixers, refrigeration systems, content delivery, winches, or shredders; or

(c) To idle the engine for no more than five (5) minutes to operate heating equipment when the ambient air temperature is thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit (32° F) or below.

Contractors working inside Catholic University buildings must check in with the Facilities Service Desk, located in the Power Plant, upon arrival to campus.  Contractor badges will then be assigned as necessary.  Such badges must be displayed at all times when working on campus.  

The Catholic University of America is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. During the performance of this contract, the contractor and any subcontractors agree to be bound by all applicable laws and regulations governing equal employment opportunity.

Contractors will not permit possession or use of any alcohol, whether lawful or not, on the University's property. The contractor will notify Catholic in writing within five days of any drug related or alcohol-related accident or criminal offense on University property.

Smoking inside buildings on campus, or within 25 feet of operable doors or windows, is prohibited.

In the event of any emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety on (202) 319-5111.