For all EMERGENCY Repairs/Maintenance 

CALL  202-319-5121   24 hours/day

Emergencies are defined as work required to eliminate imminent hazards to life, health and safety, to prevent imminent damage to equipment or property, to restore security or to prevent disruption of an essential activity.


For all non-emergency and other Facilities Requests

Requests are entered via our automated work ticket system.  Summary descriptions of types of Facilities Requests are shown below.  A comprehensive listing of all Facilities Services, including services and requests that require departmental funding can be found at this link:  fmo/services-faq

  • Routine Service Requests

    Routine Service Request

    Request assistance with:

    Non-urgent, everyday repairs which need to be carried out as a result of normal usage and/or repairs that would improve or maintain the comfort and convenience of your environment. 

    Examples:  replacing light bulbs, repairing leaking water faucets and/or toilet clogs; repairing appliances; adjusting/repairing doors, frames, hardware, windows; standard painting; replacing damaged ceiling tiles; or other similar repairs where there is no urgent risk to student, staff, faculty or property.

  • Project Request

    Project Request

    Request assistance with a service or project that is outside of the normal routine maintenance and repair of the facility

    Alterations:  The rearrangement, reconfiguration, or conversion of internal space of an existing facility

    Improvements/Enhancements:  The addition of quality features to existing space by upgrading mechanical, electrical, technological systems or architectural finishes.

    Renovation/Modernization:  The total or partial upgrading of a facility to higher standards of quality or efficiency.

    Specialty painting:  Special painting, including colors that are not part of the University standard.

    Projects are accomplished by outside design and construction contractors and the associated costs are charged to the requesting department.  A funding source MUST be included with a Project Request.  Projects that include reconfiguration of spaces and modifications to building systems require a completed design by licensed architects and engineers and these projects must be permitted through the District of Columbia's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).  Alternations, Improvements and Renovations cannot begin prior to a successfully completed design phase.

    If you have any questions or need advice about your proposed project, please indicate on the Project Request form that you need consultation with one of our staff members in the Planning and Design Management unit or in the Capital Project Management unit.  Or, send an email to:

  • Special Events

    Special Event Request

    Request Facilities support for events, such as provision of:

    • Tables and chairs
    • Linens (if Cardinal Catering is being used for your event, please DO NOT request linen for the food/beverage tables.  CATERING WILL PROVIDE)
    • Waste and recycle containers
    • If electrical needs are required for a large scale event,  please email with the details.  If approved, this will be added to your Special Event Request.

    *All Special Events must be approved and scheduled through Events & Conference Services. Special Event support from Facilities MUST be requested at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. 

    Members of the CatholicU community may request event space for University functions on-line at All others should call 202.319.5291.

  • $item.alt

    Move Request

    Request relocation of furnishings and property:

    To request moves, new space, or support in planning alterations/renovations to existing space, please enter a move request. 

    Relocating occupants to new office locations must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.  FMO has limited in-house capability to move large quantities of boxes and furniture; therefore, most moves are accomplished by the University's move service vendor.  Facilities can assist with obtaining quotes and procuring those services.  The requesting department is responsible for requisitioning and payment.