Campus Health and Safety Measures

Please be advised that as the University transitions to more relaxed COVID protocols, facilities will be making adjustments in cleaning procedures and staffing. The first step was the release of the overnight cleaning contractors. The next step will be adjusting cleaning schedules, which includes staffing the overnight shift with in-house staff for the cleaning of academic and administrative buildings.

The intense cleaning protocols of sanitizing classrooms between all classes is no longer needed. Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Facilities staff will be resetting all classrooms back to full capacity over the summer and in preparation of the fall semester. As this process is underway, individuals should not move any classroom furniture without contacting Facilities first (x5121 or

 The process of hanging door tags when offices are cleaned will continue as long as the University’s COVID Work from Home Policy is in place (currently, through July 2). In an effort to minimize the waste and cost of these tags, we ask that when you work in an office on campus, you remove the tag and place it on the doorknob inside the office. This will signify that the space was used and needs cleaning. Once cleaning is complete they will update the door tag and rehang on the outside of the door on their way out.

 The additional wall mounted hand sanitizers and disinfectant stations that were installed in all campus buildings will remain in place and be serviced regularly. Please remember that the disinfectant stations include a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels to be shared among everyone in the building so be sure to return after each use.

 All of these protocols are being relaxed in conjunction with evolving health guidance. The pandemic continues to be monitored closely, and the University is prepared to restore more strict protocols if it becomes necessary in the future. 

Facilities staff thank the community for their support and cooperation throughout the past 15 months, and as we move forward toward more “normal” operations. 

Please enter a facilities work order if you would like to have your plastic barrier removed or altered.  

Updated May 27, 2021