Facilities Planning and Management (FPM), directed by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management and University Architect, is responsible for stewardship of the University’s places and spaces.  The University’s facilities assets are located in northeast Washington, DC in 50 buildings (approximately 2.4 million gross square feet) on over 173 acres.

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    Office of Campus Sustainability

    Maintains and implements environmental stewardship best practices.  

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    Facilities Maintenance and Operations

    Provides preventive, routine, and emergency maintenance to all campus buildings and grounds.  Provides central business services, call center management, custodial services and other operations services.

  • Planning and Design Management

    Planning and Design Management

    Provides professional expertise for the planning and design of the University’s capital improvement projects, construction of new facilities, interior renovations, space management, landscape design, campus master planning, and the developement and maintenance of design standards.


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    Capital Project Management

    Oversees building projects from inception through completion with responsibilities that include planning, programming, budgeting, and scheduling for the construction of new buildings as well as improvements to existing facilities. 

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    Environmental Health and Safety / Risk Management

    Assists the University in maintaining a safe and healthful place to learn, teach, live, work, and visit; operating in a manner that protects our environment; and ensures compliance with applicable federal, District of Columbia and local regulations.