The Planning and Design Management (PDM) unit is comprised of design professionals who are responsible for planning and design of the University’s capital improvement projects, construction of new facilities, interior renovations, design standards, space management, landscape design and campus master planning.

  • Capital Improvement Design Services

    Leads design and management for capital improvement projects including new buildings, acquisitions of leased space, exterior building improvements, historic preservation and campus wayfinding.
  • Interior Design Services

    Provides design and procurement services for new furniture, finishes and signage. Projects range in scope from individual space refreshes to complete building interior renovations.

    Requests for new and/or replacement office furniture should be reviewed with department budget administrators for availiability of funds before being entered as a Facilities Request.  The Planning and Design Management department is tasked with maintaining furniture standards and has contractual relationships with several vendors.  Please request assistance with furniture selection in the Facilities Request form.

  • Design Standards

    Develops guidelines to ensure design quality and consistency while adhering to code compliance and accessibility. These guidelines are intended to provide direction and to communicate best practices to design professionals, contractors, and vendors.
  • Landscape Design Services

    Leads design and management of exterior projects including hardscape, plant materials, drainage, lighting, furnishings, exterior signage, accessible routes, building surrounds and open areas.
  • Master Planning

    Leads the planning effort to create a campus environment that adheres to the University’s mission through campus master planning and building master planning.
  • Space Management

    Leads the documentation, inventory, and management of building space.