An asset can be retired or disposed of for a variety of reasons. The reason for the retirement will determine which offices need to be notified of the retirement.

The physical removal of the asset depends on the condition of the asset and the materials used to construct the asset. The University has made a concerted effort to reduce the amount of waste that is not recycled or reused.  If the asset can be reused by the University or sold for personal use, then we publicize it at Home@CUA or we post pictures and locations on the Surplus Assets section of this website Please check there on a regular basis for the next surplus asset for sale.

To properly retire a University asset, please contact Andrew Wolf, the Asset Inventory Administrator. He will provide the necessary information so the asset can be handled correctly. The Asset Administrator must be contacted, even if there is no property label on the asset. There are several assets, without property labels that require special handling in their disposal.

The Asset Inventory Administrator works closely with the Environmental Health & SafetyFacilities Maintenance & Operations and the Information Technology offices to ensure the proper retirement of every asset.