The University maintains a periodic inventory system to track all of its assets by utilizing the PeopleSoft Asset Management System (AMS) module. The University maintains an accurate record to ensure that those non-capital assets with a high propensity of theft remain at the University and those capital assets, directly affecting the University's financial records, are still in the University's care, custody and control.

At least one month before the end of the University's fiscal years ending in an even number, the Asset Program Manager is required to provide a detailed status report of all the assets.

Our office starts this the Summer before the final report is due. This allows our office the flexibility to enter the classrooms, laboratories, offices and residence halls with a minimum of disruption to the offices, departments and students. At least two business days before the visit to a building, our office will confirm the date(s) of the visit with the Building Administrator. During the first pass of the campus, we record the location of each asset by scanning the barcoded property label and/or reading the label number and recording it in a handheld scanner. After our office has walked through all the buildings, the data collected is compared against the data in AMS.

We are scheduling the next Physical Inventory, which will start on May 28th, 2019.  We will be visiting the last building in August.  Our office will do our best to adhere to this schedule to visit each University building.

If there any discrepancies, they are noted and researched for further examination. Each department, with discrepancies, is sent a listing of all the assets under their control that could not be located. The departments have 30 calendar days to respond with the current status and location of the listed assets.

If a missing asset can not be located and all reasonable steps have been taken, the department is required to turn in a completed and signed University Equipment & Information Form and is required to promptly notify the University's Department of Public Safety of this for further investigation.