Acquiring an Asset

  • If our office purchases a piece of equipment, do I have to notify the Asset Inventory Administrator of this?

    Your office does not need to contact the Asset Administrator if equipment was purchased. The Asset Administrator will be notified by the Office of Procurement Services of this and will be in contact to add this to the database when it is delivered.

  • I want to donate a tangible asset to the University. Who do I contact to arrange this?

    You need to contact the University's Development Office. They can be reached at (202) 319-6910.

  • I want to replace a desk, bookcase or any other asset in my office. Can I look at the assets other offices have turned in for retirement/disposal?

    All available surplus furniture is available for viewing, by appointment only. Please contact Andrew Wolf, x5602, to schedule an appointment.

Reconciliation of the Physical Inventory

  • When will the next Physical Inventory start and how long will it take?

    The next Physical Inventory will start on May 31, 2011. Our office expects it to finish in early December. The scanning phase of this will be substantially completed by the end of this coming Summer.

  • What happens if an item listed for my office can't be found?

    If an asset can not be located, the office is required to file a report with the University's Public Safety Office. The office is also required to complete the University's property form.

  • What is the purpose of conducting the Physical Inventory?

    The University is required to confirm the location of every asset once every two years for federal and financial reporting requirements.

  • What will be asked of my office as part of the Physical Inventory?

    All offices are asked to provide access to all the rooms under their control in a timely manner. This includes unlocking doors and/or providing an escort in sensitive locations.

Retiring/Disposing of an Asset

  • How do I have an asset removed from my office?

    Please contact Andrew Wolf with a brief description, quantity and location of the unneeded assets. He will provide instruction to have them removed in a timely manner.

  • Can I buy a retired asset from the University?

    All surplus University assets are sold through this office. All sales announcements are posted on the University's This Week @ CUA weekly announcements.