Project Manager Safety Guide


Project Involves Required Project Management Action For Assistance Contact
Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Contact EHS Industrial Hygienist to determine if project area contains ACM.
  • If ACM will be disturbed, secure IH Monitoring Service for project.
Kellie Hindman, Assistant Director - x4461
Fuel Burning Equipment and/or Air Emissions
  • Includes fuel burning equipment such as hot water heaters, boilers, generators.
  • Contact EHS Industrial Hygienist to review project.
Kellie Hindman, Assistant Director - x4461
Hazardous Materials  
  • Consult with the EHS Chemical Safety Program Manager to review project.
  • All Hazardous Waste Manifests must be signed by a qualified EHS representative.
Chemical Hygiene,  x2698
Above or Underground Storage Tanks (AST or UST) of Petroleum Based Liquid Storage
  • These include Fuel Tanks and may include Hydraulic Elevator Tanks.

Gordon Beasley, EHS Director - x5789

Areas posted as Radioactive Materials stored or in use
  • Contact EHS Radiation Safety Officer to review project.
Mahmoud Haleem, Radiation Safety Officer - x5206
Hot Work
  • Ensure all contractors are aware of and adhere to the University Hot Work Program.
  • Program requirements are included in the Contractor Safety Guide.
Nathaniel Smith, Occ. Safety & Health Specialist - x6112
Life Safety Systems installation, modification, or disruption
  • Includes fire protection systems (alarm, sprinklers) and security systems.
  • Contact EHS Fire Safety Officer for plans review PRIOR to start of project.
  • All Life Safety System disruptions require DPS notification and possibly additional precautions.
Nathaniel Smith, Occ. Safety & Health Specialist - x6112