Per the Protection of Minors Policy, University personnel responsible for the supervision or care of minors, or whose duties would require close contact with minors must complete the Protecting Children Course Collection from United Educators.  This training must be completed prior to interacting with minors and annually thereafter if/as needed. A minor is defined as an individual who is under the age of 18 and is not a matriculated University student.

The online training is comprised of four (4) presentations:

(1) Boundary Training for Educators - This course is designed for faculty and staff who work with minors and helps educators:

  • Identify what boundaries are
  • Differentiate between different types of boundaries
  • Recognize how boundaries differ from rules
  • Understand how a boundary crossing is different from a boundary violation
  • Stay vigilant when they sense their actions or a student's actions are approaching a boundary
  • Recognize the consequences for themselves and their students when boundaries are crossed.

This course uses scenarios and interactive exercises to illustrate how easily educators can find themselves in a situation where boundaries are being approached and they can safely navigate away from boundaries.

(2) Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct - This course examines concrete ways to recognize, prevent, and report situations of sexual misconduct by educators. Participants will test their own decision-making skills through scenarios based on actual cases of abuse. This course contains content that may be upsetting to participants.  This presentation will help participants:

  • Recognize warning signs manifested by abused children
  • Describe specific characteristics of predators
  • Identify danger areas where abuse can take place
  • List rules of conduct for working with children
  • Apply proper boundaries in educator/student relationships
  • Detail specific steps to report abuse situations. 

(3) Hiring Staff who Work with Minors - This course is designed for University hiring managers who employ staff that will work with minors. This course contains content that may be upsetting to participants. This course will detail:

  • Warning signs of sexual abuse by adults
  • How to report incidents or suspicions
  • Specific locations to keep an eye on
  • Hiring practices including screening, interviewing, background checks and spotting common red flags.

(4) Shine a Light Video - This short video covers the warning signs of sexual abuse by adults. It also reviews specific locations to keep an eye on and concrete steps for reporting incidents or suspicions. This video contains content that may be upsetting to viewers.

University employees who require this training may self-register for the online Protecting Children Course Collection. An email with login credentials will be automatically generated. This training takes approximately 2 hours. 

Contact for batch enrollment or login assistance.