APPENDIX A: Publications Available to Radiation Workers

Appendix A consists of three sections; Section A-1 lists those documents required by law (10 CFR 19) to be made available to radiation workers. Section A-2 contains the text of Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 19 (10 CFR 19), entitled "Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspections and Investigations", and Section A-3 presents a reduced copy of NRC Form-3 entitled "Notice to Employees."

A-1. Documents Required By Law.

The below-listed documents, required by 10 CFR 19.11 to be made available to radiation workers, are available for inspection in the CUA Radiation Safety Office.

  1. 10 CFR 19 (also included in this appendix)
  2. 10 CFR 20 "Standards for Protection Against Radiation"
  3. NRC Form-3 "Notice to Employees"
  4. CUA Byproduct Material License No. 08-02075-03
  5. CUA Source Material License No. SUD-157
  6. CUA Special Nuclear Material License No. SNM-164

Additional documents are available for review in the CUA Radiation Safety Office which may be useful in planning for the experimental use of ionizing radiation.

A-2. Text of 10 CFR Part 19

A-3. NRC Form-3 " Notice to Employees"