The Catholic University of America (CUA) Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for reviewing and approving recombinant DNA research and biohazard research projects conducted on the CUA campus. The IBC ensures that research conducted at CUA is in compliance with the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules and the Select Agent Rule, drafts campus biosafety policies and procedures, and reviews individual research proposals for biosafety concerns.

Principal investigators must register all research projects involving the following with the IBC:

  • recombinant DNA;
  • agents that are infectious to humans, animals and plants;
  • other potentially infectious materials;
  • select agents and biological toxins;
  • animals; and
  • human materials including blood, cells, unfixed human tissues and other body fluids.

Select projects may require committee approval, with a majority of members present as quorum, prior to the start of work.  For research projects already registered, revised forms shall be submitted prior to any changes in work practices, infectious agents, etc.

The IBC is comprised of representatives from the Department of Biology, the Office of General Counsel, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and local community members. Please contact one of the following if you have any questions:

  • Justin Chung, Ph.D., IBC chairperson, Biology Department, 202-319-5279,
  • Patrick Farrell, IBC secretary, Environmental Health and Safety, 202-299-2698,

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