Facilities staff and contractors continue to advance design and construction projects even during the coronavirus pandemic. Their essential role supports keeping buildings and grounds safe, secure, clean, and functional. Mission critical maintenance and capital projects remain active, and staff overseeing them have adapted by utilizing online meeting platforms, observing social distancing requirements, and rotating shifts. 

Some highlights of our on-going work are shown below.

  • Rendering of dining hall

    New Dining Commons

    The Contractor is currently relocating and installing utilities (water, electric, data).  In addition, they have begun excavation for the building’s foundations and are relocating the road at the north end of University Lawn (which will become Thea Bowman Drive). Temporary fencing, walkways, and signage direct the campus community safely around the construciton site.

    Design Team:  Perkins Eastman Architects Contractor:  Manhattan Construction

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    Campus Energy Project – Phase 2

    Installation of the hot and chilled water underground piping is nearing completion in the Residence Hall areas.  The Contractor will be restoring walkways and landscaping through the Fall as well as making connections inside the Phase 2 buildings. 

    Engineer:  BKM

    Contractor:  Whiting-Turner
  • Construction on campus

    New Residence Hall

    In response to COVID-19 impacts, the University continues to take steps to ensure the ongoing viability of Catholic University. Such measures include the deferral or postponement of some capital projects.  Work on the new Residence Hall was suspended this summer at the completion of the Design Development phase.  The University did, however, receive approval from the Zoning Commission for the project, allowing for an efficient resumption of the design work once short-term financial challenges are overcome.    

  • Rendering of proposed residence hall

    Conway School of Nursing and Campus Gateway at Michigan Avenue

    The design team of Ayers Saint Gross with Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Michael Verguson Landscape Architects (ASG-RAMSA-MVLA) completed concept design at the end of August.  Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is the University’s program manager and will assist with project management and oversight.  The new facility is expected to open in 2024.   

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    Caldwell Exterior Phase 2: Seton Wing Façade Repairs and Window Replacement

    Scaffolding that has shrouded the Seton Wing of Caldwell Hall was dismantled at the end of August.  The replacement of windows, exterior doors and stone panels is substantially complete.  Site restoration around the work area will be complete by the end of September 2020.

    Design Team:  Voith and Mactavish Architects

    Contractor:  Patner Construction

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    Campus Wayfinding and Signage Project

    The Campus Signage and Wayfinding project included a lengthy and complex naming and addressing component that involved the campus community, University leadership and reviewers in various city departments.   

    Full-size mock-ups of the new signs were reviewed on site in early July.  The contractor is currently installing foundations for the building identification signs throughout campus.  Installation will continue through September 2020.

    Designer:  Cloud Gehshan

    Contractor: Whiting-Turner with Art Display Co.      

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    Ward Fire/Life Safety and HVAC Upgrades

    Fire/life safety and HVAC upgrades are underway in Ward Hall and will continue into Spring 2021.  The work is phased throughout various zones in the building and includes installation of sprinkler piping and an addressable fire alarm system as well as new HVAC equipment that is tied into the University’s heating and cooling distribution system from the Power Plant.

    Design Team:  WHS Architects

    Contractor:  Consigli Construction

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    Gibbons Foundation Waterproofing

    Work began earlier this Summer to waterproof the entire perimeter foundation of Gibbons Hall.  Landscaping was removed and trenching around the building exposed the below grade portion of the exterior walls and foundations.  The new work consists of patching and parging the masonry and then applying fabric-reinforced liquid membrane waterproofing.  A gravity-fed foundation drainage system will also be installed before the area is backfilled and the landscape is restored.  Completion is expected in October 2020.

    Design Team:  Hoffmann Architects

    Contractor:  Commercial Waterproofing, Inc. 

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    Mullen Library Restroom Renovation

    The first floor restroom renovation project will provide accessibility and new fixtures and finishes.  It is expected to be complete in mid-September when patrons are welcomed back to the Library.

    Design Team:  WHS Architects

    Contractor:  Patner Construction

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    DuFour Natatorium Repairs and Improvements

    Repairs to the pool and its systems began earlier this summer and are expected to conclude in late September.  The work includes replacing the filter system, refinishing the interior pool surfaces, HVAC, sprinkler and lighting repairs and replacements.  The pool is expected to be functional by mid-September; the HVAC upgrades will take place over the winter break.    

    Feasibility Study and Design:  HOK / Vanderweil

    Contractor:  Whiting-Turner

  • $item.alt

    Aquinas Hall Exterior and Interior Improvements

    Water infiltration from the roof terrace to spaces below is being corrected with this project.  In addition, safety guardrails around the exterior parapet will be installed.  On the interior, replacement guard and handrails at the stair and around the atrium will be installed.  Project completion is scheduled for mid-October.

    Design Team:  WHS Architects

    Contractor:  Dynamic Contracting

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