Typically, Building Administrators are designated as follows:

  • Building with a primary function (academic, administrative, student life) - highest ranking administrator
  • Mixed use building - highest ranking administrator for most common function

An administrator may delegate appropriate responsibilities to another associate in the building. The Telecommunications Office publishes the telephone directory with the "official" Building Administrator list only. The officially designated Building Administrator retains the accountability and authority for responsibilities, even when tasks are assigned to other staff for action.

The Building Administrator has the following responsibilities:

  • Liaison with the University's Public Safety Department and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety for implementation of a building emergency evacuation plan, safety programs, crime prevention programs, safety systems testing and inspections.
  • Appoint Watch Captains for the building.
  • Coordination of building occupant communications and accommodations during emergency situations.

Notes: A confidential contact list for before and after hour emergencies requiring building administration notification is maintained in the Public Safety Department. The Registrar is also contacted for emergencies involving buildings with instructional facilities. The Registrar's Office coordinates communications to faculty and students in affected areas. Campus closings due to weather emergencies are announced via university and local broadcast media.

  • Designation of building personnel eligible to receive keys or access cards to the main entrance of the building and offices, consistent with university security and access policies. Approval of lock changes.
  • Communication to occupants regarding the reporting of maintenance, custodial and utility problems. Coordination of non-routine and special multi-office work project requests to Facilities Maintenance and Operations.

Notes: Building occupants should be encouraged to report problems directly to the Facilities Service Center by using the online forms (http://facilitiesmaintenance.cua.edu/cua-request.cfm) or by calling x5121.

  • Determination of a reasonable system for building mail services in consultation with the Director of Postal Services.
  • Establishment of the locations for shared building facilities (i.e. lounges, lunch areas), office equipment and vending machines in consultation with Facilities Planning & Construction, and procedures for associated service requests.
  • Determination of the facility practices and locations for general and department specific postings, and personnel to oversee processes, in conjunction with university policies and initiatives.

Note: Leadership in this area is essential for the campus-wide effort to reduce excessive paper postings. The Office of Campus Programs authorizes and monitors the posting of materials around campus, and serves as a resource for Building Administrators.