The University obtains insurance coverage for its operations. This department administers the day-to-day operations of all the insurance policies except for those related to health insurance. All health insurance questions should be directed to the University's Human Resources Office or to the Athletics Department for athletic health insurance.  The University's Risk Management policy can be found on the University's Policies website. For more information, please contact our department.


Requesting a University Certificate of Insurance


The University produces several hundred Certificates of Insurance on an annual basis. To request one, please complete the Certificate Request Form.

When completing this form, only enter the contact info of the outside organization requesting this certificate. Do not enter any CUA contact info on this form.

Certificates of Insurance Provided to the University


This department is the central repository for all the Certificates of Insurance for the University. We accept them in paper and electronic formats.

All contractors, issued a University purchase order, are required to obtain a minimum amount of coverage while working at, for, and on the University. 

If the work is outside of a purchase order, the minimum insurance requirement are on a negotiated basis and must be referenced in the contract.