Academic Safety Committee

The Academic Safety Committee (ASC) consists of members from The Catholic University of America community and represents a diversity of functions, specialties and departments. Representation is required from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics/VSL, Drama, Art, Facilities Maintenance and Operations or Facilities Planning and Construction, School of Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Music, and the Radiation Safety Office. Other departments may be called to participate as needed. The director of Environmental Health and Safety serves as an ex-officio member. Officers include the chairperson and secretary. Appointments are made by the provost based upon recommendations from the Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations, ASC chair, and the director of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

The purpose of the ASC is to:

  • Recommend policy to the University administration that ensures the performance of safe and environmentally prudent work and study in CUA laboratories and other academic settings
  • Provide support and advice to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety on matters relating to academic safety
  • Increase academic safety and health awareness on campus
  • Advise the Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations on safety budget-related issues.

The ASC duties include:

  • Meet to conduct ASC business twice a year, once each academic semester
  • When needed, convene an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) with expertise in assessing the safety of recombinant DNA experiments; IBC membership is not restricted to ASC members
  • Conduct semi-annual laboratory facility safety inspections
  • Consult with and support the Environmental Health and Safety department with respect to laboratory safety inquiries and laboratory accident reports
  • Develop and institute procedures for approving high risk operations and experiments brought to the attention of the ASC


  • Greg Brewer, Ph.D. (chair) Chair and Ordinary Professor, Chemistry; 202-319-5385,

  • Stephanie Walters, (secretary), EHS Program Manager, Environmental Health and Safety; 202-319-5865,

  • John Figura, Assistant Professor/Gallery Director, Art; 202-319-5282,

  • Mahmoud Haleem, Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety; 202-319-5206,

  • Kellie Hindman, Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Health and Safety; 202-319-4461,

  • Justin Chung, Assistant Professor, Biology;

  • Afshin Nabili, Director of Laboratories and Technology Resources, Engineering; 202-319-5659,

  • Davide Prete, School of Architecture and Planning; 202-319-5166,

  • Keith S. Matlack, Ph.D., Scientist/Project Manager, Vitreous State Laboratory; 202-319-5322,

  • Ksenia Loginova, Laboratory Manager, Chemistry; 202-319-5691,

  • Bernard Guay, Senior Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations; 202-319-5121,

  • Mark Wujcik, Technical Director, Drama; 202-319-5366,